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Aimee is a choreographer, performer and teacher.  Her choreographic work is an intersection of emotional, personal and physical ideas.  It is not only visual but a visceral exploration, organically derived from and inspired by her company of dancers, creating work that is soft and striking, simplistic and strong.  Delving into the dynamics of relationships, personal history and her own journey with her androgynous nature.  


As an educator, it is important for Aimee to create an environment that is supportive of strong technique while also encouraging exploration and collaboration.  It is essential to help develop students' ability and confidence to think critically in regards to movement.  She believes it is important for students to build strong technique in many styles of dance.  It allows the dancer more freedom in the process of exploration.  Whether their goal is to dance professionally or for the joy itself, diversity of movement leads to versatility as a performer.  Aimee wants her dancers and students to walk away from the studio feeling stronger, motivated and creatively awake.  


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